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Their Story

The Lives of Immigrant and Refugee Women

Many of these courageous and resilient women and girls not only dealt with human rights abuses in their countries, but in the process of becoming legal residents in the U.S., they may have faced sexual violence, economic and language barriers, and minimal access to quality healthcare (both physical and emotional). One can only imagine the mental and emotional health challenges these women face along their journey in order to create a safe and prosperous life for them and their families. During their long journey, immigrant and refugee women stay at centers that are often overcrowded and unsanitary, which contribute to their poor health outcomes. Women’s issues, in general, are underfunded by the government and research programs, but at the border, women and their needs are the last priority. Women often don’t have enough feminine hygiene and menstrual products.
Forgotten Needs™ was created to ensure that these women and girls are provided with a health & wellness bag that enables them to handle their menstrual cycles with confidence.

Their Story: About Us
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