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Our Story

The Class That Started it all...

The idea for Forgotten Needs ™ originated after taking a human rights class during my Freshman year at Walter Payton College Prep High school (Chicago, Il). Our teacher assigned a year-long independent research project relating to the topic of any human rights violation. I chose to research how migration impacts women’s healthcare because it combined two topics that I am passionate about, women’s rights and healthcare. Along with a research paper, the project required an actionable component. Due to the severity of COVID-19 in Chicago in the Spring of 2020, I was unable to put Forgotten Needs™  into action. After Freshman year ended, we drove to San Antonio, Texas to check up on my grandparents, as my grandfather has several underlying medical conditions. When my grandparents, Persian immigrants themselves, started discussing the large population of immigrants and refugees in the San Antonio area, I realized that there was a large demand for what Forgotten Needs™ could offer. We were fortunate enough to partner with nonprofits such as The Center For Refugee Services, along with its many supporters, which allowed Forgotten Needs™ to become a reality.

Our Story: About Us
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